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Tajiri working on Warrior/Guerrier



"The first series of sculptures that I felt made a personal statement, were the iron and plaster pieces that date from 1948. These were shown at the CoBrA Exhibitions, 1949 and 1952." - Shinkichi Tajiri


Tajiri spent most of his time in his studio, where he made various warriors in plaster. What is striking about these sculptures is that the open spaces are just as important as the actual, tangible work. Although curved lines are initially the dominant element, Tajiri introduces more and more sharp protrusions, whereby, albeit yet rudimentary, something of the aggressiveness of his later sculptures emerges.



text: H. Bavelaar, Shinkichi Tajiri, Monografieën van

Nederlandse kunstenaar, SDU Publishers, 1990 

photo above: Working on Warrior/Guerrier, plaster

© Sabine Weiss, Paris 1949


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