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Tajiri at the AKU Fountain, Arnhem



"The birth of our daughters triggered a series of large ‘Seeds’. Pregnant ovoids with the stamp of death. Like the 'blossoms of annihilation' over Hiroshima." - Shinkichi Tajiri



In 1957 Tajiri started the Seed clusters, in all their ripeness and fullness, are already undergoing a process of disintegration. Life and death are united in growth and change. A work in which vital force is depicted in an overwhelming manner is the sculpture The Explosive Forces of Nature (1961), commissioned by the AKU (Algemene Kunstzijde Unie) for the Gele Rijdersplein in Arnhem.


text: E. Barents, Shinkichi Tajiri, Monografieën van

Nederlandse kunstenaars, SDU Publishers, 1990 

photo above: Tajiri filming the installment of his sculpture at the AKU fountain, Gele Rijdersplein, Arnhem. Photo © AKU Press.

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