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Fish-eye photo of Tajiri



"During my bi-monthly trips to Berlin, I explored the Wall. It was the most fascinating piece of architecture in Berlin, and it drew me like a magnet." - Shinkichi Tajiri


It took several weeks and more than 600 photos for Tajiri to photograph the entire 43 kilometers of the Wall. In 1971, Tajiri printed a small book of the photos for its tenth anniversary. In 1973 he was given a flight along the Wall in a Bell 'Sioux' helicopter from the British Royal Air Force. Tajiri made a one 20-minute, continous pan - impossible to do with a film camera without special equipment - of the entire Wall. The concept was to contain its 43 kilometers, in coded form, on 200 meters of magnetic tape. For its 20th anniversary in 1981 Tajiri made 24, full-circle panoramic photos of the Wall.


text: S. Tajiri, Autobiographical notations, Kempen Publishers, 1993

photo: Tajiri’s studio at the Hochschule der Künste, West Berlin, 1969. For the first two years he slept in his tent at school.

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