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Tajiri creating One-day sculpture



"In 1950 I started my Junk series. Discarded scraps from metal and machine industries were welded and recycled into a new entity." - Shinkichi Tajiri


In 1948 Tajiri went to Paris to study with sculptor Ossip Zadkine. Here he also took painting classes from Fernand Léger and studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière.

His work centered on abstract forms constructed of iron and plaster. He soon undertook what he called his Junk series, sculptures of recycled split bronze from rubble heaps around abandoned factories that he welded together with wire or brass.


text: G. Robinson, The Great Unknown: Japanese American Sketches, University Press of Colorado, 2016

photo above:  Tajiri creating his One-day sculptures amongst the heaps of discarded metal along the river Seine, Paris 1949 © Sabine Weiss

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