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Tajiri with One-day sculpture



"I feel like an archaeologist. The terrain is myself and I’m picking away at the exterior, start seeking what I am." - Shinkichi Tajiri



In 1950 Tajiri started his One-day sculptures.

The photographs, made by Sabine Weiss, are not photographic reproductions of sculptures: the constructions of waste metal he found along the Seine in Paris exist only as photographs. After the picture was taken 'the artwork' reverted to scrap. The chance and spontaneity that play an important role here, make this work of Tajiri akin to that of the French Surrealists who experimented similarly with many different media between the Wars.


text: Westgeest, Tajiri meets Sabine Weiss & Leonard Freed, Museum Het Valkhof, 2012

photo above: ©Sabine Weiss, Paris 1949

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