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Tajiri with 3-D Video model



"I needed to find a medium which would give me the excitement of seeing rapid results." - Shinkichi Tajiri

In 1969, when Tajiri started teaching at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, he decided to investigate the possibilities of photography.

Tajiri started his investigation at the beginning and revived the daguerreotype technique. After three years and more than a thousand plates, he found that he unknowingly inhaled an excess of insidious fumes while developing the images and was advised to stop. Tajiri switched his attention to stereoscopy,

the phenomenon of two, two-dimensional images (when viewed through a set of mirrors - based on the method of  Sir Charles Wheatstone, 1802-75) containing a third dimension.



text: S.Tajiri, Autobiographical notations, Kempen Publishers, 1993

photo above: Shinkichi Tajiri, 3-D Video, reconstruction of a model from 1976.

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