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Square Knot at the new Van Bommel van Dam museum, Venlo.

On June 24, 2021 the 6 meter high polyester Square Knot by Shinkichi Tajiri was moved to its new location. The former Venlo Post Office located at the Keulse Poort has been totally renovated and will soon open its doors as the new Van Bommel Van Dam museum. The Square Knot now marks one of the two entrances into the museum. Moving a large sculpture is always a huge undertaking, but with the expertise of all the people involved it worked out fine. Thanks for a job well done!

Old location

Ready to be moved to the new location

Installing the concrete foundation for the Square Knot

All the men involved with the moving of the sculpture including the director of the VBVD museum, Paulo Martina (second right)

all photos by Giotta Tajiri


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