Beelden 2017, Anningahof, Zwolle

The almost completely renovated park offers a beautiful setting for the exhibition Beelden 2017. Numerous monumental works have been included in the exhibition, giving the park the character of a large outdoor museum. This year, 70 artists exhibit about 80 outside sculptures and 60 sculptures in the inner spaces. Although the emphasis is on contemporary sculpture, Landgoed Anningahof will this season show works of a select group of old masters, contemporary artists and young talent. This exhibition gives an insight into the development of Dutch sculpture. The exhibition Beelden 2017 can be seen from 21 May to 29 October 2017. Shinkichi Tajiri, Koan knot, 2008 Exhibiting artists 2017: Armand

ARTZUID 2017 - Abstraction

The fifth edition of the International Sculpture Biennial Amsterdam, ARTZUID 2017, will take place from 19 May – 17 September, 2017. Curator Rudi Fuchs presents 65 abstract sculptures of post war artists on the Apollolaan, Minervalaan, Churchilllaan and the Zuidas business district. ARTZUID 2017 follows the theme year Mondrian to Dutch Design – 100 Years of De Stijl ands shows the influence of the Dutch art movement De Stijl (The Style) on post war Dutch sculpture. The artists are of different generations. This anniversary edition of ARTZUID Fuchs aims to position Dutch abstract sculptors internationally. Participating Dutch artists: Ad Dekkers; Joost Baljeu; Jan Maaskant; Gust Romijn; Carel

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